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2016.01.15 6:00 AM
HTC Vive powered by ZOTAC GeForce ® GTX 980 Ti

HTC Vive, con la potencia de ZOTAC GTX 980 Ti......

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2016.01.05 3:00 AM
Experience New Opportunities with ZOTAC at CES 2016

Come experience the future with us at CES 2016!......

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2015.12.10 4:00 AM
ZBOX Meets Skylake

ZOTAC delivers Skylake on the newest ZBOX.......

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2015.12.10 4:00 AM

ZOTAC meets Skylake for next-gen computing in the ZOTAC ZBOX MI551.......

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2015.11.30 6:00 PM
DreamHack Winter 2015

The world’s largest digital festival!......

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2015.11.03 4:00 AM
NEN Steam Machine

PC Gaming. Console DNA.......

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2015.11.03 4:00 AM
ZOTAC Changes The Gaming Dynamic, Unleashes The Most Powerful Small Form NEN Steam Machine

ZOTAC taps into NEN to draw out a truly powerful Steam Machine with minimalism, portabilit......

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2015.10.31 7:15 PM
ZOTAC Cup: October

Check out the results of our October ZOTAC Cup!......

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2015.10.27 5:15 AM
ZOTAC Goes for Threes with the all new ZOTAC ZBOX BI323 and CI323 nano Mini PCs

ZOTAC introduces a more capable and more energy efficient ZBOX Mini PC with Intel Braswell......

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2015.10.15 12:00 PM
ZOTAC Gears Up For Speed, Introduces Premium Edition Solid State Drives

ZOTAC ramps up a new line of storage aimed at offering enduring speed in desktops, noteboo......

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2015.10.05 10:00 PM
Bullets or Blades

Buy a select GeForce GTX Card or Notebook, Choose your free game......

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2015.10.01 11:00 PM
Heroes of the Storm - Be the Hero

Buy a GeForce GTX 950 or 960, Get a Heroes of the Storm Kaijo Diablo Bundle......

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2015.10.01 1:00 AM

Our latest addition to our passively cooled C Series of Mini PC!......

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2015.09.28 11:30 PM
ZOTAC Cup: September

Check out September's ZOTAC Cup results, including a special raffle for participating......

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2015.09.22 12:00 AM
INNOVATION OF GeForce ® GTX Graphics Cards

Why should you choose ZOTAC video cards? Take a look and find out!......

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